Lost Cities, Nan Madol for Nat Geo. Original soundtrack by Allora Pictures

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We may not be industrial, but we hope, some of what we do, looks like magic. A bold claim perhaps, but maybe not so when you consider the fabulous tools afforded the visual effects industry these past few years.

With these we can build you new worlds past, present and future. Civilisations as they were or how they might be. Or perhaps something a little closer to home. Graphics for documentaries, set enhancements for drama and mostly, everything in between.

We can start with your live footage, or recreate something entirely from scratch as we have done with the Nan Madol sequences on this page. Or we can work with aerial or handheld LiDAR and photogrammetry scans and build on top of these.

Whichever route you choose, or are obliged to take, we can work with you to achieve your dreams.

Sequence from Nat Geo's Lost Cities, showing a recreation of Nan Madol in Micronesia. Land, trees, sea and sea village constructed and animated in 3D.