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Production Management

With one of the most experienced VFX teams in the industry, Allora is well placed to offer end to end production management for VFX & Animation

Blueprint to Small Print

We love what we do

With one of the most experienced VFX teams in the industry we work with broadcasters & indies to help manage complex VFX & animation productions.

We like to engage early, preferably before green light, offering a range of services including blueprinting and budget management, conceptual design, VFX tool and technique selection, and if required, shortlisting, selection and ongoing management of execution partners – including contracts and rate negotiation

See below for a more in depth description of what we offer.

Whether you’re planning on using VFX for subtle augmentation of live action, a superhero led extravaganza or something in between, if you decide to work with Allora the first step would be to blueprint your animation and VFX requirements. Think of it as a ready to go RFP which you can send directly to VFX and animation suppliers, written in their language, so that they and the rest of those you invite to pitch can all present back to you based on the same understanding.

No more trying to make sense of quotes and then only to find, perhaps when it’s too late, that your X is their Y with ramifications on budget and what ends up on screen.

Allora Multi Supplier Budget

Multi-part series: £100,000+ under budget

We’ve experience of running several multi million pound productions, including landmark BBC series. The secret is to understand not only how much you have to spend, but exactly what you are going to spend it on. Blueprinting helps, and this in conjunction with on-demand costs reporting keeps everybody abreast of the state of the production – identifying potential overspends before they happen, or better still, contingency funds that can be released back into the production.

Even on smaller productions the chances are that you will still want to get multiple quotes from a range of suppliers, and on larger productions, you’ll quite possibly feel it’s best to spread execution risk across more than one supplier. Cue Allora. From experience gained through running the BBC’s graphics procurement for a number of years, we’ve learned the hard way how to get the best deal and handle multi-vendor supply chains. So talk to us if you’ve something planned. You may be at the quote stage, or just about to appoint a supplier, but wary of giving the green light without further consultation. We can advise or manage, depending on your budget.

If you’re looking for an all in package, we can offer you hands on, end to end production management. From blueprint to small print and almost everything in between.

We can build our fee into the overall VFX budget, funded through cost savings and avoiding blind alleys and other items of unnecessary expenditure – which are just some of the benefits of working with one of the most experienced VFX production teams in the industry.