Concept to Pitch

We’ve noticed over the years that when folks are pitching to broadcasters, they’ve rarely time to give much thought to the animation and visual effects contained in their proposals. 

Sure it’s mentioned and may even include a budget, but it’s for the most part, pretty basic at best. Which is a shame because well presented graphics, tightly costed, can make all the difference when the broadcaster is seeking confidence that the VFX component of your pitch doesn’t spiral out of control. Or worse, prove undeliverable.

But we know that’s not you and that you recognise the benefits of talking to a company like Allora, before and during both your pitch and production.

We offer blueprinting (which is more than a fancy name for script breakdowns), costings, tool selection (best tool or technique for the job and so on) and if required, will happily provide you with material for your pitch documents. Storyboards, stills, animaton and schedules …. the list goes on.