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Over 30 years ago when visual effects was in its infancy the Allora founders were there.  Amongst us Animation Festival Directors, pioneering VFX Supervisors and in the case of our Commercial Director Chris, Product Manager of Autodesk’s 3D Studio and Animator Pro – fledgling 3D and 2D animation programmes taking on the might of Silicon Graphics, Alias, Wavefront and the Quantel Paintbox to name but a (very) few.

Since then of course it’s all changed. What was and still is the amazement of T2 has been surpassed in some respects by the epic scenes in Game of Thrones and other less noticeable effects – still there, but doing their best to convince you that what’s on screen is real. 

We’ve grown with it too of course – and it has to be said, pleased not to be surrounded by the whirring animation controllers and £30,000 laser disc players of yore – same ones that kept the BBC idents ever ready, all those years ago. Thankfully tools and processors have grown smaller for the most part, although no less expensive, save the Adobe suite. Everything else still costs a small fortune if you want to participate in this space. Modellers, renderers, trackers, compositors, particles, paint and the rest all adding up and that’s before you add the processors and displays to render scenes, storage to keep it safe and the people to make it happen.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way because with this we can bring both the past and the future into the present. Which can at times be a little confusing. But to our clients it opens worlds of possibilities – not limited to size of set, or availability of a thousand extras, or a full size man o’ war. You see, with the right combination of tools and people, what we, and the rest of our peers in this space can do, may not be industrial, but we do hope, some of it looks like magic.

Management Team

Nicola Kingham - Allora CEO

Nicola Kingham - CEO & Executive Producer

Nicola is an award winning VFX Producer having worked in TV and film for the majority of her career. Initially as Director of the Computer Animation Festival in London, and later as Director of the London Effects & Animation Festival. From here she moved into animation and VFX production. First with the Moving Picture Company, before joining the Mill and later the BBC where Nicola was the BBC’s in-house VFX and graphics procurement advisor between 2006-2013.

Grahame Andrew - Allora

Grahame Andrew - VFX Supervisor

Grahame brings to Allora a deep understanding of all aspects of the VFX pipeline having been head of 3D at both Cell Animation and MillFilm before co-founding the very successful London based Lola Post in 2000. Grahame manages the technical aspects of Allora’s productions plus meets regularly with clients as part of our production management offering. Grahame’s production credits include: '24 Live Another Day', 'Mankind the Story of all of US' and 'Gladiator'. Click for a full list of IMDB credits.

Christopher Wells - Allora COO

Christopher Wells - Commercial

Chris is a commercially focused technology evangelist, having created, managed and sold businesses in capital markets, corporate and retail finance and high-end computer graphics. Chris brings to Allora his commercial acumen following his several successful ventures and a deep understanding of the 3D marketplace having managed Autodesk’s 3D modelling business in the late 90s.

Elizabeth E. Schuch - Art & Creative

Elizabeth has worked as a creative director in film, TV, commercials, and live events for over 10 years. Her specialities include storyboards for factual and VFX, GFX assets, science and history illustration, historical art recreation, art for projection and 3D formats, concept art, poster art and pitches.  Elizabeth's credits include: 'Wonder Woman', 'Pacific Rim: Uprising’, 'TED Talks', 'Britannia’.

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